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Every approved review you write brings you closer to becoming a Star Reviewer. In addition to feeling great for helping your neighbours, each review gives you entries for our monthly prize draws! 

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Feel great for helping your neighbours make smarter hiring decisions. Every review you write gives you entries to our monthly prize draw!

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Becoming a Star Reviewer is easy, it only takes a few reviews to get started!

Silver Star Reviewer

You’ve been through a fair amount of home projects and are confident when it comes to hiring the right pro. You know hiring well takes careful research and are happy to help others by reviewing every project. Star Score and reviews are the most important tools in your hiring process.


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You’re an expert when it comes to hiring for home improvement projects. You tackle all jobs with confidence and are ready to take on whatever your home throws at you next by hiring smart. You love helping the HomeStars community by sharing your expert knowledge with every review you write.


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Whether you’re new to homeownership or new to HomeStars, you know the value of online reviews. From small repair jobs to bigger renovations, you’re prepared to hire smart. You rely on advice from the rest of the Star Reviewers community to help make your dream home a reality.


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Every month, all Star Reviewers who write a new review are automatically entered in our prize draw! Here’s more ways you can gain some extra entries:

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4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Being a Star Reviewer


Be recognized as a trusted reviewer in Canada's largest home improvement community.


Feel great knowing you’ve helped your neighbours make smarter hiring decisions.


Reviews written by Silver and Gold Star Reviewers are displayed above all other reviews on a company’s profile.


Earn entries towards amazing prizes in our monthly draw. The more entries you gain, the better your odds of winning.

HomeStars has given me many jobs and gives peace of mind to the customers. The review system has given me a goal every month to provide better customer service on every job.

Micom Tileworks, Vancouver

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