The Sign of a Trusted Home Service Pro

HomeStars Verified home service pros have successfully passed our rigorous screening process to help you hire safer and smarter.

Spotting a Verified Home Service Pro

Look for the HomeStars Verified badge on profile pages next to a service pro’s Star Score and review ratings. These criteria work together to help you make a confident hiring decision.

HomeStars’ Screening Process

When a home service pro earns a Verified badge, it means that we’ve investigated what matters most to you:

Criminal Background

Feel safe inviting a Verified service pro into your home.

Credit Check

Be confident that your hard-earned money will be handled properly.

HST Registration

Hire a properly established and legally-recognized Canadian business.

Professional Licensing

Expect a job-well-done from a pro that has all of the required trade certifications.


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To learn more about our screening process, click here.

Hiring Tips for Homeowners

Here are some more ways to make sure you choose the right pro for your next job:

  • Ask for customer references or read their reviews on HomeStars.
  • Ensure they will get any permits required for your job.
  • Ask to see a copy of their license to make sure it's still valid.
  • Get a written contract stating exactly what is included in your project.
  • Never pay for an entire project upfront.
  • Ask if the professional is insured and bonded.
  • Be wary of bids that are substantially higher or lower than the competition.
  • Keep records of everything.